About Us

The very first bar was opened in 1993, in New York, by the dashing barmaid Lilliana Lovell, who quit her career at a brokerage company on Wall Street for dancing at the bar counter and greasy jokes to customers who, in addition , brought her big tips.
Just one night at the bar allowed her to earn as much as she received for a week at the office as a trade broker. By the 1993, Lillian had accumulated enough money to open her own bar, which she called “Coyote Ugly”. Later, in 1997, the GQ magazine published an article on Lovell, “The Muse of Saloon” Coyote Ugly “, written by the former waitress Elizabeth Gilbert. This publication was the first sign of success.
In 2000, after the premiere of the famous Hollywood movie “Coyote Ugly“, and crowds of fans poured into the bars. Everyone wanted to stare at the sexy, dancing on the bar “coyotes”. After all, it is “coyote girls” – an attractive, mischievous bartenders with a character draw peoples attention to this truly American bar, where the atmosphere of unrestrained fun reigns, and dancing girls drive visitors crazy under the incendiary hits!